sacred Nature Connection Practitioner Training


Co-create your work and career with the natural world!



Sacred Nature Connection Practitioner (Level 1)

 January 22, 2022 – March 9, 2022

Online and in your home community, with a cohort of other practitioners


I am bringing together a small group of healers, coaches, educators, and other practitioners to learn to offer nature connection practices for your clients to aid in their transformation while doing it from a place of deep grounding in your own practice.

We will nurture your own unique and wildly personal, reciprocal relationship with the earth and the world of spirit, explore your abilities to communicate with animals and the natural world, and deepen your relationship with your wild soul so you can live fully from this place of connection and bring simple nature connection practices to your own clients and communities. 


–Without following a prescribed, cookie-cutter way of sharing your love of spirit and nature with others

–Without sacrificing your own deep connection to nature in support of others

–Without feeling overwhelmed and inundated with directives about how you should bring this work to your clients

–And without letting your sacred nature connection work feel like, well…work

Some of us are, for the first time, asking ourselves how we can incorporate more of the natural world into the work we do…whether that is taking clients outdoors or finding more of our own inspiration from nature personally and professionally.

At the same time, many of us who have been working in nature connection for years are finding our work in more demand and feeling the need to continue growing ourselves professionally and reconnect to the deeper reasons we got into nature connection work in the first place.

If you are asking how you can incorporate your own love and connection to wild nature and wild spirit into your work, this program, coming in January 2022, is for you.  

Would you like to join us?  

Feel free to contact me I will send over all the program details.  Enrollment is now open.




Coming later in 2022! 

Sacred Nature Connection Practitioner Certification Program! 

Stay tuned for details.  The Sacred Nature Connection Practitioner (Level 1) program will be a prerequisite to join the certification program.











































































    About Deb Matlock, Nature Connection Practitioners Professional Track program facilitator 








    I have worked as a professional environmental and humane educator for 25 years, leading countless groups outdoors, offering countless presentations and workshops, and learning from my experiences how best to understand myself as a nature connection practitioner and how to effectively inspire, and guide my participants.   You can find out more about me here.































    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or what to talk further about this Nature Connection Practitioners Professional Track.  I would love to connect.































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    “I absolutely loved this nature connection for professionals course with Deb.  When she advertised it, I knew right away that is was for me.  I recently launched my own business,  but I am still in the process of figuring out what programs to offer and what it looks like to run a business.  This course helped me brainstorm ideas and gave me so many resources that I can’t wait to dive into.  It also gave me a sense of community connecting with other like-minded individuals passionate about our sacred connection to nature.  Deb is genuine with so much to offer this world, and I’m excited to take more of her courses in the future!” Jennifer Tuuk, MSW

    “I love the Nature Connection Practitioners course and I found everything about it valuable.  Deb’s expertise is clearly communicated and generously shared.  Her light, easy-going manner makes every session a pleasure to attend.”  Fall 2020 Program Participant

    “Deb is responsive, reflexive,  and attentive in this work and how she is a teacher facilitator.  She brings a depth of experience to this work and continually shares the expertise while weaving in any new threads that come her way to further this tapestry of learning.”  Fall 2020 Program Participant

     “Deb’s Nature Connection Practitioner’s workshop helped give me a deeper grounding in teaching nature connection workshops.  I use nature connection exercises with artists to help them deepen their relationship to the earth and from that connection, to create abstract paintings based on their feelings for the land.  This workshop helped me understand my own love of nature.”  Janice Mason Steeves, Workshops in Wild Places

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