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Co-create your work and career with the natural world!


Wild Rhythms Practitioner Training (Level 1)- sacred connection to nature

 Online and in your home community, with a cohort of other practitioners


Next Cohort – September/October 2022

(enrollment will open in August)


I am bringing together a small group of healers, coaches, educators, and other practitioners to show you how to guide your clients in deep, sacred, and wildly personal nature connection work.  I will offer you tools to support yourself and your clients, providing opportunities for transformation, growth, and healing…and doing it from a place of deep grounding in your own practice.

 We will nurture your own unique and wildly personal, reciprocal relationship with the earth and the world of spirit, explore your abilities to communicate with animals and the natural world, and deepen your relationship with your wild soul so you can live fully from this place of connection and bring core Wild Rhythms practices to your life and, in turn, offer the same to your own clients and communities.

Wild Rhythms work is unique in that it has both a certain form and a freedom to move within it.  You will learn skills, but there is also flexibility in that the practice shows up in diverse ways with different practitioners having different personal backgrounds and experiences.  You will learn a process and orientation, and the process will likely result in different approaches for different people so that you can participate in your own way…

 –Without following a prescribed, cookie-cutter way of sharing your love of spirit and nature with others

–Without sacrificing your own deep connection to nature in support of others

–Without feeling overwhelmed and inundated with directives about how you should bring this work to your clients

–And without letting your sacred nature connection work feel like, well…work


This program will allow you to deeply engage your clients and communities in ways that open a space for the possibility of expanding on the transformation, healing, and growth of your clients as you fold in your unique sacred nature connection work.

 Many coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners dabbling in adding nature-connection work to their repertoire find themselves either overwhelmed at the how’s and why’s and/or underprepared on how to offer deeply meaningful programs for their clients in safe and responsible ways.


It doesn’t have to be that way!


Instead, let’s take just seven weeks to expand your own practice and connection to wild nature and wild spirit, explore ways to deepen the healing and transformational power of your work with your clients and communities in ways that are effective, safe for people and the earth, and leave your clients feeling transformed and wanting more.


Imagine offering your communities work that feels so deeply aligned with your own sense of sacred nature connection, your own Wild Rhythms, that your programs are truly one-of-a-kind, unique bodies of work offered by you in partnership with the wild world.  This vision truly brings me chills!


Our main goal is that you walk away knowing the four essential Wild Rhythms practices to expand your work and bring more transformational opportunities to your clients.


You will also walk away with:

 Inner work

  • A deep knowledge of your own eco-spiritual self and how to share that deeply real part of you with your clients
  • An understanding of how to live within your own wild and natural rhythms and create your nature connection work from this place of alignment
  • Creation of your vision statement for your business about what nature connection is and why it matters in your work
  • A keen sense of how you uniquely connect and communicate with animals and nature
  • Ideas for helping your clients discover their own unique connections with wild nature and how to integrate those experiences into the rest of the work they do with you
  • A personal knowing of how to truly collaborate and communicate with the wild places where you do your work so you can honor, respect, and incorporate the inherent offerings the place may have for you and your clients


Outer work

  • A sense of logistical considerations you need to consider (such as risk management, first aid, land permits, insurance, etc.) and where you might need additional education or training
  • An understanding of how to draw on your own experiences, combine those with various nature connection activities, and offer this work to your clients with ease and comfort
  • Confidence to effectively facilitate outdoor groups and programs in a way that is inspiring, safe, and in alignment with the larger vision you hold all while letting the earth be the teacher
  • Awareness of how to be sensitive to the human and ecological histories of the land where you work
  • Practical knowledge of how to hone and develop your own wild naturalist skills


    The program will begin with a full-day, virtual retreat online together and in your home communities.  Our goal for the retreat is to give you an opportunity to experience all four sacred nature connection practices and start to see how they align with your vision of your own nature connection work.


    The retreat includes:


    • An introduction and practice with to the four essential sacred nature connection practices
    • Creating your nature connection vision statement for your business
    • Deep personal nature connection time outdoors
    • Getting to know the group members and their visions for nature connection in their work
    • Personal reflection and group sharing


    Following this retreat, we will have six weekly virtual gatherings on Zoom, and you will have 2-3 hours/week of field activities to explore in wild nature near your home.  These gatherings combine content, reflection, and group work and will cover topics such as how to:


    • Facilitate nature connection work with your clients
    • Define your own eco-spiritual identity and facilitate this exploration for others
    • Live your wild rhythms and create your nature connection work and practices from this place of alignment
    • Clarify the deeper “why” behind your desire to offer nature communication work to your clients
    • Communicate with animals and the natural world in your own, unique ways
    • Cultivate your relationship with the world of spirit
    • Collaborate with the natural world for your own practices as well as your work with clients
    • Respect and acknowledge the needs of the land, and the histories of the peoples who have stewarded the land past and present
    • Identify group facilitation techniques that will assist you in working with your clients
    • Develop wild naturalist skills so that your own learning and experiences can continue throughout your life


    As a bonus, we will cover the logistics you will need to consider when offering nature connection work to your clients (insurance, first aid, emergency planning, liability, etc.)


    We will have an online community which will offer video support for the content of the course, as well as be a place for group members to share experiences, discuss ideas, and ask questions of me and each other between our sessions.  Our online community will be a place to house all course details so they will be at your fingertips whenever you need them.


    And one extra special bonus… This program also includes a private session with me where we will dig deeply into your vision of adding Wild Rhythms work to what you offer your clients and communities.  During this session, we can brainstorm big ideas, hone in on a specific idea, or explore additional ways you might work with your own practices.


    Imagine expanding and clarifying your unique offerings in the world, feeling confident sharing transformational nature connection work with your clients, watching their healing and experiences deepen, earning more money, and feeling in alignment with your own eco-spiritual path while doing it!  This work is so valuable on both a spiritual and practical level. And I want to make it as accessible as possible.

     If you are interested, please contact me and I will send along more information, and we can set up a time for a short phone call to chat further. 




    Beginning in July 2022! 

    Wild Rhythms Practitioner Professional Certification Program  

    The Wild Rhythms Practitioner (Level 1) program will be a prerequisite (or the equivalent experience) to join the certification program.  


    This program is open to anyone who’s completed the Wild Rhythms Practitioner Training (Level 1) and a select few with similar, deep experience in nature connection work with your clients and communities.
    If you’re someone who has a professional nature connection practice in place, and you’d like to learn more about certification so you can deepen your own eco-spiritual journey while enriching and further developing your nature connection work, please get in touch.
    Registration will open for the July cohort in the next week or so and space will be limited. I would be happy to share the program details and chat with you to see if this might be a fit.


    About Deb Matlock, Nature Connection Practitioners Professional Track program facilitator:


    I have worked as a professional environmental and humane educator for 25 years, leading countless groups outdoors, offering countless presentations and workshops, and learning from my experiences how best to understand myself as a nature connection practitioner and how to effectively inspire, and guide my participants.   You can find out more about me here.































    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or what to talk further about this Nature Connection Practitioners Professional Track.  I would love to connect.































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    This course with Deb was so helpful in helping me to form my own ideas about how to form and conduct my own nature based experiences for clients. Deb is the most generous and knowledgeable teacher and I can’t recommend her highly enough!” Course participant, Wild Rhythms Practitioner Training (Level 1)

    I felt like this course provided the inspiration and motivation I needed to finally jumpstart my work! Deb is a great mentor who is so passionate and dedicated to this important work and to her students.”  Mary Ann M. Colorado, Wild Rhythms Practitioner Training (Level 1)

    “I absolutely loved this nature connection for professionals course with Deb.  When she advertised it, I knew right away that is was for me.  I recently launched my own business,  but I am still in the process of figuring out what programs to offer and what it looks like to run a business.  This course helped me brainstorm ideas and gave me so many resources that I can’t wait to dive into.  It also gave me a sense of community connecting with other like-minded individuals passionate about our sacred connection to nature.  Deb is genuine with so much to offer this world, and I’m excited to take more of her courses in the future!” Jennifer Tuuk, MSW

    “I love the nature connection practitioners course and I found everything about it valuable.  Deb’s expertise is clearly communicated and generously shared.  Her light, easy-going manner makes every session a pleasure to attend.”  Fall 2020 Program Participant

    “Deb is responsive, reflexive,  and attentive in this work and how she is a teacher facilitator.  She brings a depth of experience to this work and continually shares the expertise while weaving in any new threads that come her way to further this tapestry of learning.”  Fall 2020 Program Participant

     “Deb’s nature connection practitioner’s workshop helped give me a deeper grounding in teaching nature connection workshops.  I use nature connection exercises with artists to help them deepen their relationship to the earth and from that connection, to create abstract paintings based on their feelings for the land.  This workshop helped me understand my own love of nature.”  Janice Mason Steeves, Workshops in Wild Places

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