Deb is an impassioned researcher; striving to support the professional growth of environmental and humane education, nature-based spiritual arts, and animal communication.  She welcomes inquiries about research projects and collaborations.

Recently published article:

Spirituality and Sustainability Education: A Natural Partnership

Deb Matlock and Richard Jurin. Sustainability: The Journal of Record. December 2016, 9(6): 276-282. doi:10.1089/

Published in – Volume: 9 Issue 6: December 21, 2016

Doctoral Research:

Integrating the more-than-human voice into Western culture, specifically environmental education

General areas of research interest:

  • Spiritual connection between people and place
  • Ecological Identity
  • Animal communication and the human/animal bond
  • Dance/rhythmic connection between people and Earth
  • Modern Animist frameworks
  • Empathy and compassion in education

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