Deb Matlock, PhD Candidate

Nature-based Spiritual Arts Guide and Mentor,

Animal Communicator, Spiritual Ecologist, Presenter, Workshop Facilitator




Deb Matlock, MA

Educator, Mentor, Shamanic Practitioner, Animal Communicator

Deb Matlock wears many hats in the world – all of which relate to supporting a deepening connection between people and the rest of life on this planet.  

Through her business, Wild Rhythms, Deb provides personalized, transformative educational programs and offers nature-based spiritual companionship, mentoring, and animal communication for individuals and groups seeking to develop their spiritual connection with the earth as well as their ability to communicate with animals and the natural world.

Additionally, she is an Associate Faculty Emerita at Prescott College and also consults with environmental and humane organizations – designing programs, workshops, and professional trainings.


Credentials and Interests


  • Currently pursuing a PhD in Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England, Research Focus: Integrating the more-than-human voice into Western culture environmental education
  • Master of Arts in Environmental Education, June 2003 at Prescott College, Thesis title: Remembering the Dance: Reawakening Our Rhythmic Connection to the Earth through Environmental Education
  • Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Antioch University New England
  • Associate Faculty Emerita at Prescott College, Master of Arts Program
  • Certified Wilderness First Responder (NOLS Wilderness Medicine)
  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach with Coach Training Alliance
  • Interests: Hiking, Dancing, Yoga, Nature Journaling, Reading, Herbalism, Gardening, Animal Welfare, Working with dogs




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