Deb grew up in Colorado and brings to her work a deep love and passion for Earth and every living being. Since childhood Deb has experienced an unusually deep and communicative connection with the earth and the animals she encounters.  As a child, her first best friend was a dog named Jenny. They literally grew up together. Since then, her life has been formed and enriched by her relationship with the many living beings around her. She has spent her adult life refining these relationships while learning how to offer assistance to those who wish to deepen their own connection to the spiritual and physical worlds.

Deb has spent her career working as a professional environmental educator and naturalist, a nature-based spiritual guide, and an animal communicator. She is an Associate Faculty at Prescott College and assists people and animals through spiritual companionship work and animal communication.  Deb is also dedicated to exploring her own spiritual connection to life.

Her environmental and humane education work includes teaching in the field, offering professional trainings and presentations, and conducting research on the connections of spirituality, animism, and empathy to environmental education. Deb’s research has been presented nationally and internationally and continues to be a strong focus for her work.  She has vast experience designing programming and evaluating curriculum and was President of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education in 2015. Additionally, she volunteers her educational and animal communication services with local animal rescues on a regular basis.

Deb holds a Master of Arts degree from Prescott College in Environmental Education.  She also holds a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies from Antioch University New England.  She has studied extensively with Chris Davidson of Ancientways Center for Shamanic Training and has, of course, spent decades learning from the land, wildlife and world of spirits who have guided her work, utterly and completely. She is a certified Life Coach with the Coach Training Alliance and is a Wilderness First Responder thru the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS.

Deb is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England focusing on integrating the more-than-human voices into Western culture, specifically environmental education programming. Additionally, she actively studies animal behavior so she can further support her animal clients and their people.

Deb’s personal mission is to help others explore the wildness within themselves as well as their love and connection to the amazing world around us.  She is dedicated to working in service to the wild spirit that lives within all.

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