Nature-Based SPiritual coaching

***Not currently accepting new clients***

New private coaching and retreat packages coming in mid-2023!



Nature-based Spiritual Coaching for Healing, Wisdom, and Growth


You are a passionate person committed to living with a purpose and deep connection with the world of spirit and wild nature.  You drive yourself hard but also cherish your relationships with your family, friends, animal companions, and the natural world.  

You consider yourself to be down to earth and spiritually focused, and you also feel a nagging tug that there is more to explore in your life.  Perhaps you crave a deeper sense of your personal mission or a more constant and communicative relationship with the world of nature and spirit.  Perhaps you feel like your life is running on auto-pilot and deeply desire to reconnect with your wild and natural rhythms.

In our work together, I am truly honored to interact with the Spirit Helpers on your behalf to seek guidance, wisdom, and insight to help you deepen your spiritual gifts and live your life in a way that honors your wild nature, the world of spirit, and your truest path.  


I am experienced, skilled, and passionate about offering an authentic and personal experience and I offer a few ways to experience this work.  Coming in mid-2023, I will offer a new coaching package as well as the opportunity to experience in-person private retreats.  Details coming soon!


If you want to begin private work now, please check out the Wild Soul Intensive – more information here.


 Benefits can include:


  • Personal clarity about your path, next steps, and deepest yearning
  • Deep, personal sacred connection to nature
  • Unique guidance and wisdom just for you and your situation
  • The opportunity to follow your own spiritual path in service of the world
  • A deeper sense of connection with wildness
  • Fun and inspiration
  • A chance to embrace the mystery of life and your place within it


What this work is not:


  • A “quick fix
  • A “crystal ball” type session; this work is about deep, personal transformation and requires an open mind and heart and the willingness to do the work needed on your end as well
  • Entertainment


Please feel free to contact me to set up a no cost, non-pressure initial phone call to discuss your interests and see if we might be a good fit to work together.  I very much look forward to connecting!



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For those of you wanting to deepen your own skills or experience a deep dive into your spiritual path:


If you’d like to receive consistent guidance and interact clearly and directly with Living Spirit, your Spirit Helpers, and the natural world, I offer the Wild Soul intensive private program to help you develop your own skills and to offer you the space for a wildly deep and personal journey with the world of spirit. 

Sessions are provided for those who want strong spiritual connection and personal balance as well as for those who have a passion for helping others through direct connection with Living Spirit and the Spirit Helpers.

The intensive mentoring program is a deeply personal and transformative journey built around your passions, yearnings, needs, and schedule.  More information can be found here. 



More about the work…

Our connection to the more-than-human world can be a wonderful way to directly experience the world of spirit and a sense of ourselves as part of a larger whole. 

My nature-focused, spiritual coaching work is deeply place-based and rooted in Nature-based Spiritual Arts.  




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“Thank you Deb for the sessions you’ve done for me. The insights spoken about helped pull together a lot of what’s been swirling around for the last few months. I’m grateful for the simple but powerful guidance that got right to the heart of what’s been going on. Our time together provided focus and clarity which during times of uncertainty have helped strengthen my resolve and guide my actions to stay steadfast on my path in serving the Living Spirit. At the end of every session, I’ve felt relieved, relaxed, and clear-headed.” – A.A. New York City

“Deb shared with me a line from her Helper that I have used every day to step out of my own head, my worries, and my fears. I realized that it’s okay to put aside my biggest fear and still be of service. She helped me take a leap forward in service. The session opened a door for meit’s like a new dimension opened up in terms of capability in what I could do or not do. And even today, I still use that line as a guiding light. It’s become part of my everyday prayer and it’s how I begin my day actually. And after that, I just let the guidance flow. The session wisdom that Deb shared has allowed the guidance to reach me in a way that it could not before because the fear would just block it off. If I were to summarize the benefits of my time with Deb it’s that she’s helped me take a leap forward in service, listen better to guidance, and offer a pathway to overcoming one of my biggest fears and a whole new way in thinking. Thank you Deb!” – N.A.. New York City