Place-Based Spiritual Arts

What are Place-based Spiritual Arts?

The magic and beauty of the natural world is all around us no matter where we call home. So often, we feel we need to travel to remote wilderness areas or visit sacred places in other countries in order to find and nurture our own deep connection to nature and the world of spirit.

While being deeply immersed in wilderness areas or exploring new lands can definitely be inspiring and life changing, I have developed Place-based Spiritual Arts for the expressed purpose of enlivening, discovering, and nurturing our sacred connection with the wildly amazing earth, plants, animals, landscapes, and seasons that we live with each day.

From the depths of a crowded and bustling city to the rural countryside, birds sing, insects pollinate, plants grow – even through cracks in the concrete. No matter where we are on the planet, wildlife and humans share the sun, breathe the same air, and gaze upon the same moon. Sacred places exist literally everywhere; if only we take the time to notice. The miracle of life is impossible to escape.

Place-based Spiritual Arts practices enable us to remember our inherent way of being and relating on this earth. Whether explored individually or in a group, Place-based Spiritual Arts work allows us to take the journey of deeply and sacredly connecting to the places where we live and the life we share each moment with on a daily basis.

Components of Place-based Spiritual Arts:

  • Sense – Using all senses available, experience the place on earth or in shamanic journey space. What sensations are drawing attention? What feelings?
  • Explore – Spending time with intention outdoors and in our shamanic journey space, we will spend time exploring our surroundings, deepening our sense of connection, and developing a sense of feeling at home in the place. 
  • Dream – What inspires and what delights? What does the heart say? The soul?
  • Journey – Shamanic journey or journey through an inspiring place in the outdoors where we feel called.
  • Live – How does this experience impact the way we live in our place, the decisions we make, the relationship we have with the living world around us? What do we do to honor our connections?
  • Serve – After we have integrated our experience personally, how to we let that experience inform our decisions to act on behalf of our world? What is our authentic service?

Place-based Spiritual Arts work is based around the above 6 principles and is deeply individualized, authentic, and created with participation from the natural world and the world of spirit. No two sessions or workshops are the same.

This work is not lineage-specific. Instead, it is based deeply in connection to nature wherever we are, honoring and deepening our individual experiences with the world around us. Place-based Spiritual Arts do not take from other cultures, but instead have been born out of my own Earthwalk and the wisdom of the natural world and my Spirit Helpers. My passion here is empowered spirituality. I want my clients to feel like they can do this work on their own; inspired by our time together and their own personal connections to life.

There is a strong focus in this work on empowered spirituality – essentially helping people to feel they can relish, enjoy, nurture, and continue to develop their own deep and authentic spiritual connection to nature with or without continued support from me.

Another strong emphasis of Place-based Spiritual Arts is on giving back. How do we support the natural world, the land, the animals, both domestic and wild, where we live? What do we need to do so we do not only take our own healing and inspiration from the land, but also work to conserve, preserve and support the needs of the earth outside our doors. Place-based Spiritual Arts strives to be eco-centric in all aspects. It is a way of life.

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