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All Wild Rhythms workshops are currently virtual due to Covid-19. 

We are hoping to return to in-person work in Spring 2021.





Sacred Nature Connection – Cultivating a Personal Practice

Deepening your connection to wild earth and your wild spirit


Sunday evenings October 18 – November 15, 2020, 5 sessions

5:00 – 6:30 PM MDT until 11/1, then MST after time change  

Location:  Zoom




Our connections to nature are so unique, personal, and sacred.  Just as our lives and days ebb and flow, so does our relationship to earth, animals, and the world of spirit.  However, when we have a conscious personal practice focused on sacred nature connection, we can find inspiring and authentic ways to keep this part of our lives front and center…even if only for a few minutes a day.

This upcoming workshop will nurture your relationships, enliven your senses, and deepen your connection to life and spirit.  During our 5 weeks together, we will explore:

  • Sacred nature journaling
  • Personal wild and natural rhythms
  • Deep sense of place connection
  • Ecological identity/ecological self
  • Nature communication
  • Wildness inside ourselves and in the world around us
  • Sacred naturalist skills
  • Personal service and reciprocity
  • Personal ceremony creation

Through group discussion, personal reflection, nature-based activities, and inspiring readings, we will deepen, nurture, and cultivate our personal practice of connection with nature, animals, and the world of spirit and seeing ourselves as part of a vast ecological and spiritual choreography.





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