Deb Matlock, MA

Nature-based Spiritual Companion and Guide, Animal Communicator, Educator, Spiritual Ecologist

Nature-Based, Empowered Spirituality Serving you and the Larger Whole


“When the concept of human spirit is understood as the mode of consciousness in which the individual feels connected to the Cosmos as a whole, it becomes clear that ecological awareness is spiritual in its deepest sense.” 

Fritjof Capra


What could be more empowering and inspiring than living life, deeply connected to the world around us – living in our own authentic and wild rhythms – following a uniquely personal path of empowered spirituality?

Communicating with animals and nature, our spirit guides, and our souls all help us become part of life on earth and beyond. This deep and sacred connection empowers us to live our best lives, offering our authentic selves to this world in an act of fulfilling service.  This type of connection also allows us to sink deeply into the powerful journey that is life.

I hope you join me.

Nature-based Spiritual Companionship and Guidance

If you’ve thrown the doors open to “What’s next?” and yearn to find your own unique pathway to the following phase of your life using a nature-based approach, I can help you find personal guidance, a sense of belonging, and inspired action on behalf of the living world and in service of your greatest purpose.

Sacred Animal Communication

I guide animal guardians who are looking for a deep and sacred connection with your animal companions to support a relationship of deeper understanding, compassion, and respect so you can strengthen your ability to care for and offer your companion a fulfilling life.

 Why is this work so important?

As you know, in many cases people behave as if the other beings on this earth do not have inherent value independent of their “use” for humans.  The amazing, beautiful, magical natural world is often relegated to the status of “resource” instead of being alive and valuable in it its own right.

Helping to create a world where animals and nature are valued and honored and also where humans live with a deep sense of connection to Living Spirit, themselves, each other, and the rest of the world is truly of sacred importance.  

I am sure you agree with me when I say that we must learn (or relearn) how to live compassionately and respectfully with others, human and non-human alike. We must do this because we are all part of the web of life on this planet; we all need each other in order to survive and indeed to thrive.  It is within this sense of connectedness and relationship, that we may find a new way forward.

I am not alone in my thinking and indeed many people, organizations, businesses, etc. are focused on these very issues.  It is my intention that my life’s work will add to this and support not only those seeking a sense of deep connection for the first time, but those who are already doing this work in their own unique ways and wish to deepen and expand their experience.


C.M. , At-home Mother, Silver Spring, MD

“Working with Deb is a very powerful experience. Her unique skill set along with her amazing intuition really helped bring my own personal issues into focus so I could handle them authentically. She has given me countless suggestions, ideas and exercises to help me stay connected to the beauty around me and grounded during some of the most chaotic times of my life. I highly recommend working with her!”

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